The public organizations and movements

1. Interregional public movement Izvatas. The first constituent congress of the Izhma Komi people took place on September 19, 1990, when Izvatas, the Association of the Izhma Komi people, was officially established. The IPM Izvatas unites the Izvatas in 12 regional branches and communities, including the Lovozero branch of Murmansk oblast, the Yamalo-Nenets, the Nenets, and the Khanty-Mansi branches. The Council of the IPM Izvatas includes 23 representatives of the movement from different regions of the Izhma Komi habitat. The Presidium consists of 11 people, most of whom live in Izhemsky district of the Komi Republic, where the leadership of the movement is located. Since October 2004, the organization has been a member of the Association of the Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russia. Izvatas congress takes place every four years.

Information about the movement: Izvtas’ official website, the website Miyan Izhma medsya dona and the community in Vkontakte.

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The 8th Congress of the IPM Izvatas (2014). The source of the photo.

2. Tom Izvatas, the youth wing of the IPM Izvatas. Created in 2015. Each regional branch of the IPM Izvatas has its own youth movement (wing).

Contacts: the community in Vkontakte.

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The source of the photo.

The peer organizations:

Save the Pechora Committee. A public environmental organization, established in 1989 and operating in the Pechora river basin. Save the Pechora Committee is a member of the International Socio-Ecological Union, the Forest Club of Russian NGOs, the NGO Association The Russian Network of Rivers. The Committee cooperates with Greenpeace Russia and many other non-governmental environmental organizations. Through its representatives, the Committee participated in the implementation of the projects of the Komi regional non-profit fund “Silver Taiga”: “Sustainable management of northern forests: Model forest Priluzyye”, “Forest village”, as well as in the activities of the Republic’s working group on forest certification.

Contacts: the official website.

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The protest rally in Izhma. May 5, 2016. The source of the photo.